Breeding males

Lastest updates: 8.12.2018

Please remember to check before the mating that the combination is allowed in the Kissaliitto & FIFe rules. Make also sure that all the paperwork (breeder contracts, stud male contracts, agreements etc.) are OK. FIFe rules Kissaliitto breeding

Amare-Cattus Don Duudson

Hemmo asuu Lahdessa.


emo: Punakuun Chili

isä: Moosegrove Kokiri

Mari Touray / Helsinki
Telephone: +358 40 534 1101
Website: Amare-Cattus


27.03.2018 :

Ocicat of the year 2017

26.02.2016 :

Joining to Ocicat ry for 2016

11.07.2015 :

Magazine Osikatti will soon publish the summer issue

Kittens available

Lastest updates: 15.6.2019

Litters planned

Lastest updates: 26.4.2019