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The special issue of our club's magazine Osikatti was published in August 2013, to celebrate the 20-year history of ocicats in Finland. This special issue presents some Finnish ocicats from the 1990's and today. The issue was delivered to all our members, but if you're not a member you have the opportunity to buy the issue for 5€ + delivery expenses.

All stories in this issue are written in English (and in Finnish). A great present for anyone interested in ocicats! 

Please feel free to ask more from


The best ocicats of the year 2012 have been announced. Please see the announcement here, and all the results here. Congratulations to the winners!

The best ocicats will be rewarded at PIROK cat show on 25-May-2013. Welcome!


Ocicat ry celebrates their 20th anniversary by arranging an ocicat special show in Helsinki at 10-Aug-2013. On that day there is a two-cert international cat show, arranged by URK, and for ocicats there are two panels, one of which is an ocicat breed panel (condition > 50 ocicats). An ocicat has an opportunity to be selected to two panels on the same day!

More info to be updated later on. Please book this on your calendas already. Please click the link below to open the flyer for more specific info about the catshow. Feel free to share this info. Welcome to the ocicat special show!


Attachment: Ocicat special show Flyer



Dearest members of Ocicat ry. Thank you for the year 2012! The membership fee for the year 2013 may be paid during January. The invoice can be found in the latest issue of Osikatti, or you can open it from here. The membership fee is 18€ for regular membership, 10€ for second member from the same household, and 10€ for a membership paid by the breeder.

In case you need any help please feel free to write to

Have a happy, spotted year 2013!



Ocicat ry will reward the best ocicats in the year 2012. There are 12 categories: adult male, adult female, castrate male, castrate female, kitten 6-10 months, kitten 3-6 months, breeding male, breeding female, dilute ocicat, silver ocicat, veteran and  breeder.

Please enroll your cat by filling in this form and send that to Eija Välipirtti-Sillanpää:

Please note that you may fill the form in using your computer. Just save the pdf form on your computer, open it with Adibe Reader or other pdf reader software, fill in and print. Or print the empty form and fill in manually.

The instructions are here:


New ocicat calendars are now available. The pictures in the calendar are selected from the best photos submitted to the photo contest. The published picture's authors have been rewarded with a calendar.

The calendars are sold in all Finnish cat shows during this year, or it can be mail ordered (delivery charges are added) Please click here to see order information.


Now it's the time to vote your favourite picture for the Ocicat calendar for year 2013. See candidate pictures at To vote: browse to the desired picture, and write your name and email address to the fields, and click "äänestä tätä kuvaa" button. The last day for voting is 15.7.2012.


It’s time for Ocicat ry’s traditional picture contest! We are longing after your best ocicat pictures – please feel free to upload them via the form on this page: . The pictures may represent one or many ocicats, as long as all the cats are known by their official name. The file size should be more than 1 Mb, and it’s best to send un-edited photos in order to maintain the best picture quality. Each person may upload 1-2 pictures. Please upload the photos during 28.5.-24.6.2012. After that, the voting opens and people may vote for their fav photo during 25.6.-15.7.2012. 

Three most voted pictures are printed to Ocicat ry calendar for year 2013. The board will select the rest pictures for the calendar among those submitted to contest. The submitters of the selected 12 pics are rewarded with the calendar.

Invitation to contest (in Finnish)


Ocicat ry:s spring meeting is organized on 19.5.2012 at 10:30, at PIROK international cat show. The address: Tampereen messu- ja urheilukeskus, Ilmailunkatu 10, Tampere. The invitation is attached below. All members welcome!

Attachment: Invitation


The best ocicats of the year 2011 have been announced. Please see the announcement here, and all the results here. Congratulations to the winners!

The best ocicats will be rewarded at PIROK cat show on 19-May-2012. Welcome!



Suomen Kissaliitto ry is arranging a healt seminar day in Kuutio Auditorio, Helsinki, on Saturday 21-Apr-2012. Lots of interesting topics related to cats' health. Open for everybody, but only 100 first to sign in will be able to attend. Please check out Kissaliitto's www pages for more information:



Ocicat ry will reward the best ocicats in the year 2011: adult male and female, castrate male and female, young cat, kitten, breeding male and female, dilute cat, silver cat, veteran cat, and the best breeder.

If you would like to have your cat to take part in the competition, please fill in and send this form to Eija Välipirtti-Sillanpää, latest by 10-Feb-2012. More details here


For all those that would like to maintain their membership in Ocicat Finland also in the year 2012, or those new members who would like to join:

The membership fees are the following: 

  • member 18 €
  • family member (resides in a same address with another member) 10 €
  • membership paid by breeder 10 €

Please pay by wire transfer (the invoice attached), please use the reference code supplied. Please don't pay before 31-Dec-2011. In case you need any help, please feel free to write to



Ocicat ry is arranging a breeders' seminar at Tampere on 5-Nov-2011. The place is Modulight Oy premises, addr. Hermiankatu 22, 33720 Tampere. 

Preliminary programme: 

                    10:00 Breakfast, sponsored by Royal Canin

                    10:30 Suvi Pohjola-Stenroos and Esa Stenroos 

                    13:00 Lunch

                    14:00 Jaana Tähtinen 

                    16:00 Discussion

       approx. 17:00 End of the day


Fee for the breeder seminar is 20€. To roll in: please email, including a copy of the payment. Please mention also any dietary restrictions. There is room for 30 people. Sign in by 20-Nov-2011.

Payments to: Ocicat Ry
IBAN: FI84 2103 1800 0229 07
Reference: 201142

Welcome to learn and discuss about ocicat breeding and health!



The ocicat calendar for the year 2012 can be purchased for just 10 € price from ocicat counter at the cat shows, starting at 3rd September 2011 at PIROK, Tampere. 

Alternatively you may order the calendar by mail. The price by mail is 11,50 € for addresses within Finland. For other countries please ask. Instructions for mail order: pay the price  to Ocicat ry account, Nordea   IBAN: FI8421031800022907   BIC: NDEAFIHH, reference number 201155, and send Anu Kaarnavaara e-mail: including your name and postal address. 



The best ocicats of the year 2010 have been announced. Please see the announcement here. Congratulations to the winners!




Ocicat cat show special-  a special cat show just for ocicats - took place in Turku at 28-Nov-2010. In addition to spotted ocicats, also rare non-accepted variations like tabbies, smokes and solids were invited. Altogether 76 ocicats participated in the special show. 

Judges chose one cat from each color group to a special panel. Also one cat was chosen to special panel from the group of non-accepted colors.There were 10 cats in the special panel, and the winner was SC Moosegrove Phoenix, JW.

There was a  three generations special class in which there were four competing groups, each consisting of three cats. The best group was IC Martinic Runaway Boy - SC Moosegrove Conquistatore - IC Moosegrove Miujiza Mhina.

In addition there were competitions for heaviest - yet elegant - ocicats and longest tails. The winners were:

  • Heaviest male: GIC Northalla Viking Bronze (6,5 kg)
  • Heaviest female: SP Moosegrove Imperatriz Iris, DVM (5,6 kg)
  • Heaviest young: Topspot Nightwish (5,2 kg)
  • Heaviest kitten: Boliviliki Baldur (3,0 kg)
  • Longest tail (adults): GIP Moosegrove Moyende Mshindi (34,5 cm)
  • Longest tail (young): Riddle Straight Arrow (33 cm)
  • Longest tail (kittens): Boliviliki Baldur (27 cm)

Ocicat agility contest winner was Moosegrove Tu Autem.

Ocicat ry would like to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone participating to our ocicat special. Thanks for making a lovely day for all of us!

All results (PDF)



The Ocicat calendar 2010 will be available first time on the PIROK show in Tampere on September the 29th. From that show onward, it can be bought from the Ocicat breed booth in the shows.

The price of the calendar is 10 €

Inside Finland the way to purchase the calendar via email:

1. Make a money transfer of 10€ + 1,50€ (postal fee) to the account of Ocicat ry (210318-22907, reference number: 200952)
2. Send the receivers name and the address (postal) to the cashier (sirkka.luukkanen(a)

Outside of Finland, please contact: sirkka.luukkanen(a)


They are now available and is more than happy to get more of those. All pictures will be published in the order of receival.

Find the pictures in here.


Ocicat webpages have been transferred to new server.

In case of bugs and places for improvement, please contact webmasters (


Ocicat ranking is now up'n'active again after more than year interruption. The ranking system is built on top of cat show portal.

All the result out side of Finland need to be added manually to the system, so if you wish to see your cat in the ranking all year, please send the show results with the following information:

  • date of the show
  • place of the show
  • class of the cat
  • gender of the cat
  • show number of the cat
  • name of the cat
  • EMS
  • show result
  • judge



Due to technical issues, at this point only as PDF. We are working to get them properly visible.


The board for 2009 has been updated into board pages.

The membership fees for the year 2009 have been updated.


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