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Ocicat ry is a breed club for everybody interested in ocicats. We are in co-operation with Suomen Kissaliitto ry and we follow the rules and the breed standard of Suomen Kissaliitto and Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe). The purpose of Ocicat ry is to promote the ocicat breed, make it more widely known, increase its appreciation, support the ocicat breeding, and to connect people interested in ocicats. The rules of Ocicat ry (in Finnish).

In Ocicat ry website, you'll find info about ocicat breed, available kittens and the planned litters of our member breeders. In the breeders section, there are contact details of the ocicat breeders.

Our magazine "Osikatti" is published three times annually. In Osikatti, you'll find colourful stories and pictures of our members' ocicats - show stars as well pets. Topics covered include also latest news of cat health and well-being and other interesting stuff for an ocicat owner.

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27.03.2018 :

Ocicat of the year 2017

26.02.2016 :

Joining to Ocicat ry for 2016

11.07.2015 :

Magazine Osikatti will soon publish the summer issue

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Litters planned

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