We have announced our Ocicat of the year 2017 results! Please find the complete list here.

Congratulations to all beautiful ocicats, who have been seen in the cat shows in Finland!

The best 3 ocicats of all classes will be rewarded at PIROK cat show on 19th May 2018. Welcome to meet and greet our beautiful spotted friends!

Attachment: Ocicat of the year 2017 results


Dear members and new members of Ocicat ry,

The membership fee for year 2016 is

  • 20€ for regular membership
  • 10€ for second member from the same household
  • 10€ for a membership paid by our memberhip breeder (to a new member).

The invoice is found in our website (in Finnish), open here

In case you need assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: jasenrekisteri@ocicat.fi

Welcome to join our spotted group!


The Finnish ocicat club's magazine Osikatti will publish the summer issue soon in Finland. Should you have news to share or new title owner of a Finnish originated ocicat, please feel free to pass a line or two to say "hi" to the friends and family back in Finland!

July 24th is the deadline for the story or a photo of a graduate and it may be sent to osikatti@ocicat.fi email with the full name of the cat + color and nick name details along with the details of the parents and their colors without forgetting the place and date of the graduation details.

In case of any questions, kindly contact osikatti@ocicat.fi

Wishing lovely summer days to all the spotted cats and their owners!


The best ocicats of the year 2013 have been announced. Please see all the results here. Congratulations to the winners!

The best ocicats will be rewarded at PIROK cat show on 10-May-2014. Welcome!


Happy new year 2014!

Our www pages have now moved to a new service provider and server. There should be no visible changes to the users. However if you run into anything that doesn't work as it should, please contact our webmaster: webmaster@ocicat.fi.


We don't have any statistics of ocicats' average life span yet, although we've had ocicats in Finland for 20 years. The breeders and ocicat owners agree that ocicats have similar life spans than any other breed (or housecats). However it would be interesting and advantageous for all of us ocicat fanciers to have actual data about this.

Please report your ocicat's age by clicking this link, or selecting Ocicat breed --> Life span query for ocicats from the menu above. We need answers for living ocicats, as well as for already deceased ocicats. It is possible to submit your answer anonymously if you wish, but the register name of the cat is needed for identifying the answers.

After enough data has been collected, the ocicat club will publish statistics of the ocicat ages. Please ask all the ocicat owners you know to contribute to this query!

Older news can be rad from the news archive.

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Ocicat of the year 2017

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Magazine Osikatti will soon publish the summer issue

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