Cat shows

Cat shows are a very addictive hobby. It's about cats competing, but also about their owners networking and making new friends. The cat shows are an excellent opportunity for anyone considering buying a cat, for getting to know different breeds and meeting the breeders.

Any ocicat can be enrolled into a cat show, as long as the show rules don't deny it (point 3.4 in the rules) FIFé show rules, ZIP file . It's of course more enjoyable to attend cat shows if your ocicat is of show quality. Please consider this when buying an ocicat. There are 12 approved colors for ocicat. In cat shows, the cats that are as close to the ocicat standard are normally most successful.

You'll find lots of info of cat shows on the Kissaliitto site. Do you still have questions? Just feel free to ask more experienced people on Ocicat ry's facebook page or via the feedback form.

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