Please participate in ocicats' life span query. Ocicat ry will not publish the personal details nor the health and age data except as statistics, where an individual can't be recognized. If you wish you may also send the data anonymously but the cat's name must be given.

If you have, or have had, more than one ocicat, please fill in a separate form for each ocicat.

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Has the cat been diagnostized with illnesses?  No.    Yes

If yes, please write what illnesses the cat has, how old the cat was when diagnostized with the illness, has the illness been confirmed with some examinations, and what kind of examinations.

If the cat is dead, what was the cause of death?
 Accident.    Illness, what illness?     Unknown.

Has the cause of death been confirmed by post-mortem examination?
 Cause of death determined by autopsy.     Cause of death diagnostised by a vet.     The cause of death has not been confirmed.   

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*Answer to this question: What is the bright object shining in the sky during the day, providing warmth and light for our planet?
  The answer should be one word written with lower case (small) letters.

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